Majestic Slide Combo (6 in 1)
Majestic Slide Combo (6 in 1)


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Setup Area: 40L x 15W x 15H

Actual Size: 35L x 13W x 16H

Outlets: 1

Age Group: 3+

The Majestic Slide Combo (6 In 1) is an exhilarating and action-packed inflatable play structure designed to provide hours of frenetic fun and entertainment for children of all ages! This exciting combo unit offers a wide range of activities and features that cater to various interests and play styles.
  1. 8 ft Slide: The centerpiece of the combo is an 8-foot tall slide that allows kids to experience the thrill of sliding down at high speed. The slide is designed for both safety and excitement, ensuring that children have a blast while staying safe.

  2. Climbing: Adjacent to the slide, there is a climbing ladder. This feature allows children to build strength and coordination as they ascend to the top to access the slide.

  3. Jumping Area: There's a spacious jumping area where kids can bounce around, release energy, and engage in active play. It provides a soft landing for those coming down the slide and offers ample room for jumping and playing games.

  4. Basketball Hoop: For sports enthusiasts, the combo includes a basketball hoop. Children can enjoy shooting hoops, practicing their aim, and playing basketball with friends and family.

  5. Obstacle Poles: The obstacle poles add an element of challenge and adventure to the play structure. Kids can navigate through or around these poles, testing their agility and balance as they move around the combo.

  6. Tunnel: To add a bit of exploration and mystery, there is a tunnel feature that kids can crawl through. This tunnel can spark imaginative play and adventure as children move in and out of it.

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